We offer you to get acquainted with the rules of hotel service and accommodation in “Jumbaktas” Hotel


1. These Rules are worked out on the basis of the “Rules of Providing Hotel Services in Kazakhstan”, approved by the Government Decree No. 366 “On approval of the rules of provision by physical and legal entities of commercial, entertaining, hotel, medical and other services within the territory of the Capital” dated 21 April, 2008; the Law No. 640-XII “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights” dated 5 June, 1991; and the International Hotel Rules dated 2 November, 1981.

2. The following key terms are used in these Rules:

Booking is a hotel service on reservation of a room with guarantee of its provision for the Consumer on agreed terms;
Hotel is “Jumbaktas” Hotel that performs hotel service;
Hotel services are services on provision by the Hotel of rooms for temporary accommodation of natural persons, as well as supplementary services (hereinafter jointly referred to as the Services);
Supplementary services are catering services, domestic services, communication services, etc., rendered by the Hotel for a consideration or free of charge;
Check-in is the procedure from the moment of keys’ delivery to the Guest, his/her familiarization with the conditions of room accommodation, accommodation rules and fire-safety until the actual accommodation in the room;
Hotel’s Partner is a Company/Agency – a legal entity or natural person that renders services to guests within the framework of contracts concluded with the Hotel;
Guest – Consumer – is a legal entity or natural person that orders and/or uses services;
Authorization form is a permission letter for withdrawal/blocking of money from the Guest’s card.
Reception is a reception desk (desk for acceptance and accommodation of guests).

3. Hotel services are provided based on the contract. The Contract has no any special form. It is considered to be concluded when one party accepts the conditions, offered by another party.

4. These Rules, the list of services, price-list of services and information on the form and mode of payment for services and storage of belongings are in information folders of the Reception in the lobby of the 1st floor of the Hotel.

5. These Rules are available at the official hotel web-site: www.jumbaktas.kz.

6. Hotel accommodation rules, fire safety rules and information of the services, offered to the Consumer, are in every hotel room.

7. Customer comment book is at the Reception.



1.1. The Hotel is designated for temporary accommodation of guests within the period, agreed upon with the Hotel Administrative Office.

1.2. Registration of Guests, arriving in the Hotel and leaving it is carried out 24 hours a day.

1.3. Booking is possible subject to availability in the Hotel of the required number of vacant (non-reserved) hotel rooms of the on-demand category in the relevant period.

1.4. Booking of rooms is performed exclusively on the ground of a written application via mail, electronic or facsimile communication. The application for room reservation contains full name of guests, date and time of check-in/supposed departure; the number and category of rooms and guarantees of payment for accommodation.

1.5. Any changes, additions or cancellation to the booking that has been previously sent to the Hotel, shall be sent (stated) to the Hotel at least 24 hours in advance of the check-in time. In case of group visits, conditions of payment and conditions of cancellation are specified separately.  

1.6. Generally, the Hotel admits applications on the guaranteed basis. Guaranteed booking is reservation with the specially registered confirmation of the Hotel to the effect that it guarantees the Guest the obtainment of the room, ordered by him/her at the desired time. The Guest, in his/her turn, shall guarantee payment for the room, even if he/she cannot use it, if absent. Payment for the out-of-use room shall be collected from the Guest   in the event that he/she could not cancel the order for accommodation in the Hotel.

1.7. The following options are provided to guarantee your booking:

- payment of deposit is booking, payable in advance for the first day at the Reception at any time convenient for you, prior to the Guest arrival. In the event of booking cancellation before the date when fine sanctions are started, the prepayment shall be given back. In case of change of a check-in date (changes shall be stated in advance) the prepayment shall be shifted. In case of the guest’s check-in, the prepayment shall be used for payment for accommodation and other hotel services. In case of no-show or cancellation of booking afterwards the scheduled date, the prepayment shall not be returned. 
- authorization form is booking against guarantee of a credit card. There shall be submitted details of a banking card (execution of preliminary withdrawal/blocking of funds in the amount of the one-day cost). For this purpose it is required to fill out and send us the scanned version of an authorization form, copies of passport and credit card. The main point of such policy is that the Hotel is entitled to impose fine sanctions against the Guest using credit card details until such time that booking is cancelled (prior to the due date).
- non-cash settlement is booking on rendering of accounts, and  is carried put, as a rule, by bank transfer (for legal entities). Prepayment booking suggests the absolute payment for the overall period of accommodation in the Hotel. The prepayment confirmation term is imposed by the Hotel, however at least one day before the Guest’s check-in.
- letter of guarantee is booking against the Company’s guarantee. The Hotel’s Partners (companies, corporations and firms) conclude with the Hotels such contracts, which verify that all financial responsibility for non-arrival of employees or Guests shall be borne by the organizations themselves; it is enough to submit an application for booking in the form of a guarantee letter.

1.8. Prepayment for accommodation shall be received at least one day in advance of the check-in time; otherwise the booking will be cancelled. 

1.9. The Reservation Manager executes booking confirmation according to the contact information, specified in the booking form, within 24 hours subsequent to the receipt of an application with the assignation of a reservation registry number. Those applications that were sent on week-ends and national holidays are processed on the first working day after the weekend.

1.10. Payment of bills bears witness of conclusion of a contract on rendering of services subject to the conditions, stipulated by these Rules.

1.11. If the Guest has not taken up residence within 3 (three) hours after the specified time of arrival, the booking will be cancelled without prior notice with the issue of a penalty for non-arrival in the amount of one-day cost.

1.12. Rarely, the Hotel may accept booking on the non-guaranteed basis. This type of booking does not guarantee that the Guest will obtain a room, and that the Hotel will receive payment for the reserved room in case of the Guest’s absence. This type of booking is used when the Guest does not want to have any liabilities in front of the Hotel.

It is required to contact the Reservation Manager with regard to the possibility of the Guest’s acceptance by this type of booking.


2.1 For the purpose of registration of accommodation the Guest presents the document, confirming the identity of the Guest. The Guest fills out a questionnaire and appends his/her signature, confirming the conclusion of a contract on rendering of services between the Hotel and the Guest. It is allowed a questionnaire to be filled out by the Hotel Receptionist according to data, presented by the Guest, with its following signing by the Guest.

2.2 Upon registration of accommodation, the Hotel Receptionist gives an electronic key of a room to the Guest, and introduces him/her to the accommodation rules and fire safety rules in the Hotel.

2.3 At the Guest’s request there may be provided an additional place in the room for accommodation with payment as per the price-list and registration of accommodation, stipulated by these Rules. 

2.4 The Administrative Office provides an opportunity for residence of the Guest in the Hotel only within the paid period of time. Upon expiry of the agreed residence period the Guest shall vacate his/her room. Those Guests, who wish to prolong their hotel accommodation, shall notify it to the Reception at least 4 hours in advance of the end of the residence period. In case if the room is reserved by other persons, prolongation of the period of residence in this room may be denied.

2.5 The Guest is entitled to terminate the contract. Repayment is carried out subsequent to inspection of the room by the Hotel rooms’ employee. In order to terminate the contract in case of a long-term departure, the Guest shall provide the Receptionist with the original receipts of documents confirming payment (bill, receipts for tax purposes, etc.), and in case of payment by credit card, he/she shall provide additionally the original slip with the personal signature , as well as the room’s electronic key. Instead, there is issued a new bill for actual residence.   

2.6 In the event that the Guest has no the original bill and electronic key, as well as if the Guest has  left his/her room in under 24 hours before the end of the paid period of residence, repayment of funds is not made.

2.7 Herewith, the Guest who has not been accommodated in the room and who refused from residence within 10 minutes from the check-in and payment for accommodation shall receive funds in full according to Sub-item 1.4.5. and provided that the Guest has not used the room.


3.1. Payment for hotel services shall be carried out: All service tariffs of the Hotel are indicated in tenge and include 12% VAT.

3.2. By cash

3.3. By bank cards. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted for payment.

Non-cash payment: in tenge, US Dollars, Euro or Russian rubles (prior to the Guest’s check-in)

3.4. By authorization letters. The Hotel reserves the right of preliminary blocking of funds on the credit card prior to arrival of the Guest.

3.5. Traveler’s cheques are not accepted for payment.

3.6. Prices for hotel services are indicated in the price-list. In case of changes in the cost of accommodation the advance payments of guests are not subject to recalculation.

3.7.  Payment for accommodation is made by the Guest in advance, per day or in full for the overall period of scheduled accommodation in accordance with the uniform check-out time, set from 12.00 p.m. of the current day.  

3.8. Accommodation of Guests prior or after the check-out time is carried out strictly subject to availability of reservation-free rooms.  Payment for accommodation is collected in the following order:

3.9. In the event of early arrival of the Guest (accommodation in a room within 6 hours prior to the check-out time) payment for accommodation is collected in the amount of 60% from the cost of the room.

3.10. In the event of late departure (within 6 hours after the check-out time of departure) payment for accommodation is collected in the amount of 60% from the cost of the room.

3.11. In case of accommodation in the room more than 6 hours prior to the check-out time or in case of departure more than 6 hours after the check-out time, payment for accommodation is collected as for a full day.

3.12. Payment for accommodation via bank transfer shall be received on the Hotel settlement account at least 2 days in advance of the arrival, except as otherwise provided for by the contract.

3.13. In case of prepayment for accommodation and termination of the contract due to the fact of prescheduled departure in accordance with the procedure specified by Item 1.4.5., the Hotel returns money  to the Guest in the amount equal to the cost of the unclaimed services. For this purpose:

3.14. That Guest who paid for accommodation by cash shall receive such cash back at the time of departure; 

3.15. That Guest who paid for accommodation by credit card shall receive money back on his/her credit card from the Hotel at the moment of departure. The period of transfer of sums depends on the card-issuing bank and is, as a rule, 5-10 business days from the moment of repayment of money by the Hotel;

3.16. That Guest who paid for accommodation via bank transfer shall receive money back to his/her settlement account on the ground of an original letter of reimbursement within 5 (five) bank days from the date of the letter’s receipt.

3.17. In case of change or of the application for booking or its cancellation, the Guest shall receive money back in the amount equal  to the cost of the unclaimed services  within 5 (five) days from the date of receipt by the Hotel of the relevant message (application). 

3.18. In case of the receipt of a message of change of the application for booking or its cancellation behind the time limit, specified by Sub-item 1.8., as well as in the event of non-arrival to the Hotel, the Guest shall pay the Hotel a forfeit in the amount equal to the daily cost of accommodation. Repayment of money in the amount equal to the cost of the unclaimed services shall be made in this case with the deduction of the forfeit.

3.19. Payment shall not be charged for: accommodation of children under the age of 10 years on the assumption of their accommodation with their parents (guardians) in one room without providing an individual place in the number; Children under the age of 2 years shall be provided with a baby cot at no cost (available at the request).

3.20. The cost of accommodation for an additional Guest in the room is 8500.00 tenge without providing an extra bed (inclusive of breakfast).

3.21. The cost of an extra bed is 5000.00 tenge.

3.22. Accommodation of pets in the Hotel is strictly forbidden.

3.23. In order to obtain closing documents (an act and invoice) the Guest, as a representative of a legal entity, shall in advance, before the time of payment for services by cash, warn the Reception Manager. Acts shall be executed on the basis of the submitted details of a company, business trip certificate or power of attorney.

3.24. The Hotel applies the concept of seasonality of price-formation and service delivery (dates of high occupancy, exhibition days, business events periods). The price is formed on the basis of the supply-and-demand balance for the specified period of time. This rate may vary up to several times a day depending on demand fluctuations.

3.25. The Hotel applies a discount system under the terms of promotional events, special price offers or packages of services, which are introduced by the Hotel. Information of promotional events, as well of the procedures and terms of their conduction is placed at the web-site: www.jumbaktas.kz, as well as distributed in the form of electronic messages.

3.26. Discounts are not cumulative.


4.1. Accommodation of Guests in a room is executed subsequent to the payment for accommodation.

4.2. Guests may use all the Hotel facilities according to the specified regulations, working hours and residence rules.

4.3. When leaving the Hotel, the Guest shall deliver his/her room and electronic key to the Reception Manager and completely pay for the rendered core and supplementary services.

4.4. The Hotel is entitled to refuse entry to the persons invited, who are under the influence of alcohol or in the conditions, associated with the use of narcotic substances.

4.5. The Guest is responsible for timely leave of invitees. At the invitation of the Guest it is allowed staying of invitees in the room during the period from 07.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m.   

For the purpose of stay of an invitee in the room after 11.00 p.m. (subject to availability) there shall be executed his/her residence in the Hotel in accordance with the procedure, specified by these Rules.

4.6. Guests and invitees shall: be careful with the Hotel property and equipment, observe cleanliness and order, the Hotel accommodation rules, fire safety rules and public order rules.

4.7. Guests shall observe moral and ethic norms, abstain from overuse of alcoholic drinks and foul language in the leisure time period. They shall observe the rules of conduct in the Hotel; do not insult visitors and other Guests of the Hotel staying within the Hotel territory, by acts and words.

4.8.  Guests shall observe silence and create no nuisance for other Guests of the Hotel within the period from 11.00 p.m. until 09.00 a.m.

4.9. Take care of the Hotel property that was assigned for temporary use. In case of impairment Guests shall reimburse losses, incurred to the Hotel property.  

4.10. In order to provide comfort stay of all guests, the Hotel is acting in accordance with smoke-free policy. However, you may enjoy your cigarette in the designated areas. Smoking in the room is strictly forbidden. Non-observance of this rule results in penalty at the rate of 15.000 tenge.

4.11. The Guest takes into consideration and agrees with the fact of application of video-surveillance systems in the Hotel premises (exclusive of rooms and toilet facilities).

4.12. Money, currency valuables, securities, credit and telephone cards, jewels, bijouterie and other valuables shall be kept by the Guest in the room safe-deposit box. The Hotel bears no responsibility for loss of money, other currency valuables, securities, it and telephone cards, jewels, bijouterie and other valuables, which have not been placed in safe custody.

4.13. In order to ensure of the order and safety in the Hotel it is forbidden:

4.13.1. To hand keys and guest cards over to unauthorized persons. Guests bear responsibility for the actions of their invitees subject to impairment to other guests of the Hotel within the limits of the current legislation.

4.13.2. To keep in the room lumber, highly flammable, explosive, toxic and narcotic materials ad substances.

4.13.3. To change the position of furniture and bed clothes and take them out of the room.

Responsibility of the Guest:

5.1. In case of violation of the Hotel rules by the Guest, the Administrative Office is entitled to refuse the Guest in the further stay within the Hotel territory with the mandatory execution of a report with regard to such violation and invitation of employees of competent authorities, if necessary.

5.2. In the event of failure to provide for services to the Guest, in respect of which measures on suspension of residence were taken, payment of money for paid and not-provided services for residence is carried out under the legislation of the RoK.

5.3. To promptly inform the Hotel Administrative Office in the event of detection of loss of personal belongings out of the room in order to take measures for searching lost belongings.

Rights and obligations of the Hotel Administrative Office:

6.1. When registering accommodation of Guests, the Hotel shall inform them about the rendered core and supplementary services, the form and procedure of their payment.

6.2. The Hotel shall provide for placement of the rules of hotel services’ rendering; the price-list on costs of its rooms and other services at the place that is convenient for review, as well as to provide them immediately upon the request of Guests:

6.3. The Hotel shall provide for availability of information on the order of residence in the Hotel, fire safety rules and guidelines for using electric appliances in every room.

6.4. The Hotel is entitled to dismiss accommodation for the persons, who

6.4.1. Have not submitted their documents of identity

6.4.2. Have not provided for payment/payment guarantee

6.4.3. Are not agree with the conditions of provision of accommodation/residence in the Hotel,

6.4.4. Violate the public order,

6.4.5. Are in the state of alcoholic/narcotic intoxication.

6.5. The Hotel ensures full compliance with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station’s standards, as well as with other normative acts of quality of offered services.

6.6. The Hotel ensures confidentiality of information on Guests and visitors of the Hotel.

6.7. The Hotel shall promptly respond to the Guest appeals with regard to elimination of inconveniences and breakages in his/her room.

6.8. Should the necessity arise to perform in the Guest’s room of urgent repair, sanitary-epidemiological and other measures, which are aimed to address the reasons that create a threat or impede their normal (qualitative and safe) use, the Hotel is entitled to make replacement and require for immediate vacation of the room, which has been previously occupied by the Guest.

6.9. The Hotel ensures safety of personal belongings of residents, which are in the room, subject to observation of the Hotel accommodation order, as well as to conditions, indicated in Item 4.12. of these Rules.

6.10. In the event of detection of lost belongings, the Hotel shall take measures on their return to their owner, in compliance with the Rules for handling lost belongings that are applicable in the Hotel.

7. Left belongings

In case of detection of left belongings, the Hotel takes every effort to return them to their owner according to the established order:

7.1. Those belongings, which have been left by the Guest in the room, shall be placed by the Hotel in custody to the locker. Placement of belongings in custody shall be executed by the Hotel Administrative Staff in the presence of employees of the Internal Security Service of the Hotel, Chief of the Department for Reception and Accommodation of Guests, as well as Chief of the Parlor-maid Service.   

7.2. The Hotel shall keep belongings that were left by the Guest within 6 months. Valuables and a substantial sum of money shall be kept in the Hotel for the period of up to 1 year from the moment of execution of the Report on left belongings.

7.3. The Hotel bears no responsibility for motor transport that has been left within the territory of the Hotel after the Guest’s departure for a period, exceeding one day. If it is found impossible to contact or identify the owner, the Hotel reserves the right to evacuate this motor transport outside the Hotel territory.

8. Complaints and settlement of disputes

8.1. Should any matters of dispute arise concerning the service quality the Guest of the Hotel shall aim for their solution with the Hotel Manager by addressing to the Reception.

8.2. If a problem cannot be solved on sity then the Guest shall state his/her requests in writing and register then at the Reception. Breach of this condition may give occasion to whole or partial refusal to fulfill the demand.

8.3. If it is found impossible to eliminate the discovered defects on site, there shall be executed a report in 2 copies with indication of comments that shall be signed by the Guest of the Hotel and an authorized person on the part of the Hotel.

8.4. If the Hotel Administrative Office fails to eliminate the discovered defects on site, the Guest is entitled to raise a claim within 20 days, subject to availability of the Report on detected violations.

8.5. In case of non-availability of the appropriate report, specified in Item 8.2, then complaints cannot be accepted for consideration, and the Guest requirements are considered to be unproven.