Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The pride of Kazakhstan and one of the “Pearl” in the northern part of the country is a picturesque place – resort zone Burabay which became famous for its beautiful mountain,  covered with pine forest, cliffs and lakes scattered among them, central of which is lake Borovoe.

On this lake, in the middle of the bay, there is a stone mountain named “Jumbaktas” which translates from the Kazakh language as a “Rock of mystery” or “Mysterious stone”.

By creating a new legend in our time, we are excited to introduce you the “Jumbaktas” hotel in Astana.  “The Pearl” in the field of restaurants and hotel services of Astana city.  Furthermore, it is located in the heart of the left bank of the capital.

Once you will stay in Jumbaktas,  you will plunge into a pleasant and unforgettable comfort conditions.  The brand image is underlies the image of the hotel and has an attractive combination of native Kazakh and contemporary style.

The grandeur of the hall stresses the image of the “Shanyrak” – a symbol of common home and a unified homeland for all peoples.

The spacious corridors are decorated with photos, paintings, which show the most beautiful places of Borovoe and of the mysterious stone “Jumbaktas”.

The interior of the rooms are thoughtful and it responds to all inquiries, based on the standards of hospitality business.  All rooms are equipped in the same classical style and made in soft pastel colors. The furniture from the natural wood was made on author’s design. Non-allergen textiles, vinyl wall coverings.  Most of our rooms are with wonderful panoramic view.

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